Dr.Danov Neuropsychologist P.C.
Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology
  • Cost of an IQ test for a child: the fee starts at $650 (this cost includes only IQ test
    administration, scoring,brief written report with IQ scores, consultation)

  • Cost of an adult IQ test for: the fee starts at $950 (cost includes only IQ test
    administration, scoring, brief written report with IQ scores, consultation).  

  • Basic academic assessment: the fee starts at $650 (includes only academic achievement
    test administration, scoring, brief written report with academic test scores, consultation).

  • Cost of a private consultation: $250 (Take $50 OFF for a limited time!)

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation treatment and Cognitive Training and Coaching cost: $250 per hr

  • Educational and medical record reviews with consultation cost: $250 per hr

  • For quotes on the cost of a comprehensive neuropsychological testing and assessment
    (multiple neuropsychological tests, IQ test, and academic tests administration, scoring,
    comprehensive analysis of a neuropsychological and learning profile, comprehensive
    written report, consultation) and other services (neuropsychological IME, record review,
    case review, case consultation, etc) - contact our office at 718-667-5530

We accept Amex, Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards (download credit card payment
here), as well as personal checks and cash to cover the cost of neuropsychological
testing, psychotherapy, and cognitive rehabilitation treatment. Returned check fee is $30.
Records copying fee is $.75 per page with a required
written request 2-3 weeks in advance. All
patients are urged to provide at least 48 hrs cancellation notice.  

The cost of a neuropsychological testing, cognitive rehab treatment and psychotherapy is
sometimes covered by a health insurance. We accept direct payments from the patients and
provide a detailed receipt of services and payments, which you may submit to your health
insurance carrier for reimbursement. The cost of neuropsychological testing, psychotherapy and
cognitive rehab is your responsibility and you will seek reimbursement from your health plan.

Types of Health Insurance Plans that often reimburse patients for out-of-network services:
Aetna health insurance plan                                                                                         
BCBS health insurance plan                                                                                
Cigna health insurance plan                               
HealthNet health insurance plan                            
UHC health insurance plan                               
Oxford health insurance plan                                                                       
GHI health insurance plan

No Medicaid or Medicare Insurance Plans are accepted

Call our office to discuss the cost of a comprehensive neuropsychological testing if you plan to
pay out of pocket. Remember, a comprehensive neuropsychological testing is a lengthy process
and goes well beyond several hours of your presence in the office. After you attend your testing
appointments, we spend several more hours processing, coding testing data, comparing to your
age norm, and analysing your test scores in order to form a solid opinion whether your cognitive
skills are within your age norms, above your age norms, or are impaired. Then, more time is
spent discussing the results of a neuropsychological testing with you and preparing a several-
page long written report of neuropsychological test findings.     

The new health reform law (Public Law
111-148) requires that health insurance
coverage be available until an individual
reaches the age of 26. This provision is
very important to young adults with
disabilities, given the many transition
challenges to meaningful work.

The legal effective date of this availability is
September 23, 2010. Many health plans
have already implemented the availability.
The Department of Health and Human
Services resource cited in CHADD lists
those health plans already implementing
this availability.

The law allows young adults up to the age
of 26, married or single, to enroll in their
parents' health plan.

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questions call us at  
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