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Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology
Admissions to NYC private schools is an extremely competitive and stressful process for you and
your child.  While you can prepare attractive personal essays and leave a good lasting
impression during the interview, it is much harder to prepare your child to score at the 90th
percentiles on admissions tests  to be accepted. We help children of all ages to maximize their
chances of being accepted into a private school by preparing them for a vigorous admission
testing process - general academic readiness, IQ, reasoning skills, critical thinking, and academic
achievement tests.  We offer the smart way to get through this grueling process and to ensure
your child's future academic success.  Your child deserves the best.

It is never too early to start preparing for the admissions process.

To start, we provide IQ testing, cognitive testing, and achievement testing to children of all ages.
You can request an IQ test scores and/or academic test scores for your children now, way before
they have to sit in for the actual admissions IQ test.  Find out where your child stands in terms of
academics and various cognitive skills and determine which skills are weak and must be improved
before the actual admissions process begins. We will prepare your child for the private school
admissions testing.  We will allow your child become familiar with the admission testing process
and ease test anxiety and increase self-esteem. It does not matter how old is your child now, as
IQ test scores are always compared to the current age norms.  It is always better to start
preparing the for admissions testing early, so that your child has enough time to strengthen the
academic and cognitive skills that will be vigorously tested during the admissions.

Most private middle schools, high schools, boarding schools and military schools use  
standardized tests that measure verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension,
essay writing and mathematics abilities, as well as overall ability to learn and quickly acquire new
academic material. High scores on standardized admissions test are required, but strong critical
reasoning skills, memory, attention to detail, quick and accurate information processing, good
organizational and planning skills, and sustained focus are also essential for private school
admissions testing.

We provide
educational coaching and cognitive training to improve reading speed and
comprehension, attention, reaction speed, sustained focus, reasoning and logic, for overall
enhancement of cognitive and learning abilities to meet the increased demands of a middle
school academic curriculum.
Our approach is based on latest achievements in
that help improve attention, concentration, short term memory, organization,
reaction speed, reading speed, reading comprehension, logic, critical thinking, overall brain
functioning and, consequently, confidence, motivation and academic performance in any subject.

Some students who suffer from ADHD, ADD, LD, Dyslexia, Slow Reading Speed, Attention Deficit,
Auditory or Visual Processing Disorder, Math and Reading Learning Disorders, Dysgraphia, or
Test Anxiety, may qualify for
test accommodations (e.g., extra time on standardized tests,
extra breaks, scrap paper, calculator, separate and quiet testing location, read and re-read test
questions and instructions, indicate response on the test booklet). Test accommodations allow
students compensate for their neurological and psychological disorders.

A List of Most Known Private Schools in New York City
All Saints School 52 E 130th St New York NY 10037, 212- 534-0558, K-6 grade

All Souls School 1157 Lexington Ave New York NY 10075, 212- 861-5232, K-6 grade

The Allen-Stevenson Private School  132 E 78 Street, New York 10021,  212-288-6710, Kindergarten -9th grade

Academy of St. Joseph 111 Washington Place, NYC  10014, 212-243-5420, Nursery -1st grade

Abraham Joshua Heschel Private School  270 W 89th, NYC 10024, 212-595-7087, Nursery -12 grade

Alexander Robertson Private School  3 W 95th, NYC 10025, 212-663-6441, Kindergarten -6 grade

Bank Street  610 West 112th, NYC 10025, 212-875-4433, 3 - 12 Grades

Blessed Sacrament School 147 W 70th St New York NY 10023, 212-724-7561, K-6 grade

Blue School  432 Lafayette, Mezzanine, NYC 10003, 646-602-7066,  Nursery -2 grade

Brooklyn Heights Montessori  185 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY  11201, 718-858-5100, Kindergarten- 8th grade

Brooklyn Friends Private School  375 Pearl Street , Brooklyn, NY  11201, 718-852-1029, Kindergarten -12th grade

The Berkeley Carroll Private School  712 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11215,  718-789-6060, N-12th grade

Beekman Private School and Tutoring Center 220 E 50th, New York 10022, 212-755-6666, 9-12 grade

Birch Wathen Lenox Private School 210 E 77th, NYC 10021, 212-861-0404, Kindergarten -12th grade

Brearley  610 East 83rd, NYC 10028, 212-744-8582, Kindergarten -12th grade

British International School of New York 20 Waterside Plaza New York NY 10010, 212-481-2700, K- 6 grade

Browning Private School 52 E 62nd, NYC 10021, 212-838-6280, Nursery -12th grade

Buckley Private School 113 E 73rd, NYC 10021,  212-535-8787,  Kindergarten -9th grade

Caedmon   416 E 80th, NYC 10021, 212-879-2296, Kindergarten- 5th grade

Cathedral  319 E 74th, NYC  10021 , 212-249-2840, Kindergarten -8th grade

Chapin 100 East End Avenue, NYC 10028, 212-744-2335, Kindergarten -12 grade

Convent of the Sacred Heart  Private School  1 East 91 St, NYC  10128  212-722-4745, Kindergarten -12th grade

City & Country Private School 146 West 13 Street, NYC 10011, 212-242-7802, Kindergarten -8th grade

Claremont Preparatory 41 Broad Street, NYC  10004, 212-232-0266, Kindergarten- 8th  grade

Calhoun Private School  433 W End Avenue, NYC 10024, 212-877-1700, Kindergarten -12th grade

The Cathedral Private School 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC 10025, 212-316-7500, K -8  grade

Collegiate Private School 260 West 78th, NYC, NY 10024, 212-812-8500, Kindergarten -12 grade

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory   5 W 93rd, NYC 10025, 212-749-6200, Kindergarten -12th grade

Corlears Private School  324 West 15 Street, New York 10011, 212-741-2800, Kindergarten -4th grade

De La Salle Academy  202 W 97th,  New York 10025, 212-316-5840, 6-8 grades

Dwight  291 Central Park West, NYC 10024, 212-724-2146, Kindergarten -12 grade

Dalton  108 East 89th, NYC 10128 / 212-423-5200, Kindergarten -12 grade

Ethical Culture 33 Central Park W, NYC 10023, 212-712-6223, Kindergarten -6 grade    

Ecole Internationale de New York 111 East 22 St, NYC 10010, 646-410-2238, Kindergarten -5th grade

Friends Seminary  222 E 16 Street, New York 10003, 212-979-5030, Kindergarten -12 grades

Fieldston Private Schl Fieldston Rd and Manhattan College Prkwy Riverdale, NY 10471, 718-329-7300, N-12

Family School 323 E 47th, New York, NY 10017, 212-688-5950, Kindergarten- 6th grade

Grace Church  Private School 86 Fourth Avenue, New York 10003, 212-475-5609, Kindergarten- 8th grade

Geneva School of Manhattan 583 Park Avenue, New York 10021, 212-754-9988, Kindergarten- 8 grades

Hewitt  45 East 75th, New York, NY 10021, 212-288-1919, Kindergarten- 12 grades

Horace Mann  231 West 246th, Riverdale, NY  10471, 718-432-4000, N-12  

Holy Cross School 332 W 43rd St New York NY 10036, 212- 246-0923, K-6

Hunter College Campus Schools 71 E 94th St New York NY 10128, 212-860-1292, K-12

Immaculate Conception School 419 E 13th St New York NY 10009, 212-475-2590, K-6 grade

International School of Brooklyn 237 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238, N -4 grade

Little Red Schoolhouse and Elisabeth Irwin HS  40 Charlton Street, NYC  10014, 212-477-5316, N-12 grade

La Scuola D'Italia Guglielmo Marconi 12 E 96th, New York 10128, 212-369-3290, N-12 grade

Loyola School  980 Park Avenue, New York 10028, 212-288-3522, 9-12 grades

Lycee Francais   505 E 75th, New York 10021, 212-369-1400, Kindergarten -12th grade

Lyceum Kennedy  225 E 43th, New York 10017, 212-681-1877, Kindergarten to 11 grade

Manhattan Country   7 E 96th, New York 10128, 212-348-0952, Kindergarten- 8th grade

Marymount Private School 1026-1028 Fifth Avenue, New York 10028, 212-744-4486 / Kindergarten -12

The Mandell Private School 103 West 96th, NYC 10025 / 212-222-2925,  N-6 grade, expanding each year

Metropolitan Montessori Private 325 W 85th, NYC 10024 / 212-579-5525,  Kindergarten -6

New Dorp Christian Academy 259 Rose Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306,  718-351-4442, K -8

The Nightingale Bamford  20 E 92nd, New York 10128 / 212-289-5020, Kindergarten -12

Packer Collegiate Institute 170 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718-875-6644, Kindergarten to 12th grade

Poly Prep  9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228, 718-836-9800, Nursery -12 grade

Professional Children's 132 West 60th, New York, NY 10023, 212-582-3116, 4-12 grades

The Rodeph Sholom  168 West 79th, New York, NY 10024, 212-362-0037, Nursery -8 grade

The Riverdale Country  5250 Fieldston Road, Riverdale, NY  10471, 718-549-8810, K - 12th grades

Philosophy Day School  12 East 79th, New York 10021, 212-744-7300, Kindergarten - 4

Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East  164 East 68th, New York 10021 , 212-737-6900, Kindergarten - 8

Ramaz   60 E 78th, New York 10021, 212-774-8000,  Kindergarten -12

Regis Private HS 55 E 84th, New York 10028, 212-288-1100 ,  9-12 grades

Rudolf Steiner 15 E 78th, New York 10021, 212-879-1101,  Nursery-12 grade

Saint Ann's  129 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn 11201, 718-522-1660 , N-12 grade

St. Luke's  487 Hudson St, New York 10014,  212-924-5960 , Kindergarten - 8

Saint David's  12 E 89th, New York, NY 10128, 212-369-0058 , Kindergarten - 8

Solomon Schechter of Manhattan 50 E 87th, NYC 10128,  212-427-9500, Kindergarten -8

Spence Private School 22 E 91st,  New York 10128, 212-289-5940, Kindergarten -12

St. Bernard's  4 E 98th,  New York 10029,  212-289-2878 , Kindergarten -9

St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School 233 Mott St New York NY 10012, 212-226-3984, K- 6 grade

Solomon Schechter Private HS 1 West 91 Street, New York  10024, 212-877-7747, 9-12 grades

Speyer Legacy Private School  211 W 61st, NYC  10023,  212-581-4000, starts at K

St. Hilda & St. Hugh's   619 W 114th, New York 10025, 212-932-1980,  N-8 grade

Staten Island Academy  715 Todt Hill Road, Staten Island, NY  10304,  718-987-8100,  K - 12

The Studio Private School  117 W 95th, New York 10025,  212-678-2416,  Kindergarten - 8th grade

The School at Columbia University 556 W 110th St New York NY 10025, 212-851-4283, K-6 grade

Town Private School 540 E 76th, NYC  10021, 212-288-4383, N-8 grade

Trevor Day School  11 E 89th, NYC  10128,  212-426-3300,  N-12

Trinity   139 W 91 St, New York, NY 10024,  212-873-1650,  Kindergarten -12 grade

United Nations International 24-50 FDR Drive, NYC 10010,  212-684-7400, Kindergarten -12 grade

Village Community Private School  272 W 10 St, New York, NY 10014,  212-691-5146, K- 8 grade

West Side Montessori School 309 W 92nd St New York NY 10025, 212-662-8000, K-6 grade

Winston Prep School 126 W 17th St New York NY 10011, 646-638-2705, 7-12 grade

Xavier High School 30 W 16th St New York NY 10011, 212-924-7900, 9-12 grade

Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan 346 W 89th St New York NY 10024, 212-769-1790, K- 6 grade

Yeshiva Rabbi S R Hirsch 85-93 Bennett Ave New York NY 10033, 212-568-6200, K-12

Yeshiva University High School 2540 Amsterdam Ave New York NY 10033, 212-960-5337, 9-12 grade

York Prep Private School  40 W 68th, NYC 10023,  212-362-0400, 6-12 grades

Congrats to our OLSAT & NNAT
5 Superstars!
We are proud to announce that all of
our bright kids scored above 90th
percentile and many scored at 99th
percentile! Hard work and
determination paid off. Good luck
starting G&T programs this Fall!

NY State is now using a TOUGHER
GRADING SYSTEM  - a score that
last year was high enough to earn a
rating of 3, or “proficient,” may only
have earned a rating of 2, or “basic,”
this year.  
Brain Academy's Revolutionary New
Approach to Tutoring and Test Prep Helps
Students Find Academic Success.

The New York-based tutoring, testing and
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Brain Academy's unique focus on
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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2010 --
Brain Academy, a tutoring, testing and
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yet again successfully applied its new
tutoring approach to help a struggling
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